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Experience Modification Rating Worksheet Management

CRS offers EMR verification and management services. If your company uses a guaranteed cost program, it is vital to review your experience modification worksheet to ensure claims are coded correctly. The EMR is the single biggest determining factor of rate determination within a policy period. It is also the area in which you have the greatest control. CRS helps business owners and managers understand their company's  8 key strategies to their mod analysis.

    1) Know your company's minimum mod                                                                       
    2) Know your company's controllable mod                                                                   
    3) Compare the industries average losses against your company's                        
    4) Determine your company's frequency problem                                                        
    5) Determine your company's severity problem
    6) Understand how medical only claims effect your mod
    7) Determine how each loss impacts your mod
    8) Know how the mod will change with aggregate changes to your losses

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